D2C Pregnancy Pillow brand Quilt Comfort Onboards Jamia Alumnus Md Khalid Hasan As Co-founder and CMO

D2C Pregnancy Pillow brand Quilt Comfort Onboards Jamia Alumnus Md Khalid Hasan As Co-founder and CMO

Quilt Comfort, a fast-growing D2C pregnancy pillow brand, has announced the appointment of Md. Khalid Hasan as Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

New Delhi:An engineering graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia, Khalid has been moving ahead with digital initiatives for about a decade. The passion of being a digital entrepreneur was always there in him. Right from his college days, he was always keen on mentoring students and generating ideas. He even founded his first digital media startup, “Aapka Times,” in December 2013, when he was just a student. Later in 2018, he came up with the concept of setting up a poetry and storytelling platform. He named it YourVoice and many renowned writers performed for YourVoice during multiple events. The success of YourVoice helped Khalid bag a mentoring position at IIM Bangalore. He was also a Mentor of Change for the Government of India’s flagship programme of Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs), established by the Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog. He has also been associated as a member of the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), Ministry of Education, Government of India.

The Quilt Comfort team is elated to welcome Khalid to the organisation. Mubashshir Naseer, Co-Founder of Quilt Comfort, says, “Khalid is one of the most dynamic people I have known for a few years who has a track record of building a team and designing growth strategies. It is great to have him on board as the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Quilt Comfort. His expertise in the development of business strategy, consumer-centric brand building, and brand development is going to help us drive forward the vision for Quilt Comfort in the years ahead. Our vision is to make the pregnancy journey smoother and more pleasant for women. We will soon be launching new sets of innovative products, and we also aim to enter new markets in the coming months.”

While the team is super excited to welcome Khalid, the new CMO is equally envisioned. He says, “Work now takes women to different corners of the world where they sometimes don’t get ample help during pregnancy. But you have to move forward and by working with Quilt Comfort, I aim to devise more strategies to increase the comfort of pregnant women.”

Quilt Comfort was founded in 2020 by Md Mubashshir Naseer and his two friends, Nadeem Akhtar and Arafat Aziz, with a vision to revolutionise the lifestyles of pregnant women.


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